Now that Christmas is over, I won’t be ruining any surprises by sharing these pictures!

My flat’s decorations were a little on the eccentric side…  When you’ve got a Halloween skeleton and very little storage, you make it (her) join in with the Christmas spirit by throwing tinsel and lights at her!  Some of my friends think I’m weird.  I am.  And I’m totally OK with that!

In November, the family increased by the value of one, and I am now a Great Aunt!  Eek!  My new Great Nephew was born about a month premature, but is quickly catching up.  I got to meet him for the first time just after Christmas.  So, what did I make for the new addition to the family?  Crochet Booties, of course!

I made a tiny version of some All-Star Converse in navy, and some green lizard booties in a slightly larger size:

Imitation All-Star Converse: in crochet!

Imitation All-Star Converse: in crochet!


Side View – I designed the little star motif.

Lizard Booties!

Lizard Booties! These were really fun to make.

Added the button detail to finish these off.

I only needed to add the button detail to finish these off.

I purchased one pattern from etsy, to make the lizard booties.  Credit goes to Bonita Patterns for the design, which I think is super cute (and I may scale these up into adult sizes in future!).

And the Converse style was a combination of free patterns, for which I started here: Belle Tracy.  These were super fiddly, but they were definitely the favourites when the prezzies were opened at Christmas!


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  1. […] through the same etsy shop as the Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties which I’ve made twice now for Christmas and Birthday presents (in various sizes), by Bonita […]


  2. […] The pattern is referenced in my previous booties post! […]


  3. LOVE the skeleton! 😉


  4. Awwww…. Both those pairs of booties are gorgeous! That must be one stylish baby. (And I love your festive skeleton.)



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