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Can’t Wait for Christmas #Haiku

TWO days left to go!
Until I can finally
get a proper break

A whole two weeks off
(that will no doubt go too fast)
Make the most of it

A fairly quiet
Christmas planned. Me, Mum, and Dad.
And books. And Xbox!

Whatever winter
festival you celebrate
have a lovely time!


Crochet Christmas Baby Booties

Now that Christmas is over, I won’t be ruining any surprises by sharing these pictures!

My flat’s decorations were a little on the eccentric side…  When you’ve got a Halloween skeleton and very little storage, you make it (her) join in with the Christmas spirit by throwing tinsel and lights at her!  Some of my friends think I’m weird.  I am.  And I’m totally OK with that!

In November, the family increased by the value of one, and I am now a Great Aunt!  Eek!  My new Great Nephew was born about a month premature, but is quickly catching up.  I got to meet him for the first time just after Christmas.  So, what did I make for the new addition to the family?  Crochet Booties, of course!

I made a tiny version of some All-Star Converse in navy, and some green lizard booties in a slightly larger size:

Imitation All-Star Converse: in crochet!
Imitation All-Star Converse: in crochet!
Side View – I designed the little star motif.
Lizard Booties!
Lizard Booties! These were really fun to make.
Added the button detail to finish these off.
I only needed to add the button detail to finish these off.

I purchased one pattern from etsy, to make the lizard booties.  Credit goes to Bonita Patterns for the design, which I think is super cute (and I may scale these up into adult sizes in future!).

And the Converse style was a combination of free patterns, for which I started here: Belle Tracy.  These were super fiddly, but they were definitely the favourites when the prezzies were opened at Christmas!

Reduce, reuse, recycle at Christmas!

Last year’s Christmas cards become this year’s gift tags, through the magic of a pair of scissors and a hole punch!



Using an existing gift tag as a template, hold it firmly against the area of the card that you like the most and just cut around it!

In order to line up the hole in the right place, take the back off a regular hole punch and use it upside down. Hold your template tag on top of your new one and insert it under one side of the punch so that you can see where the new tag shows through. Punch away and you’re done!