Hello Internet!

Me. On a good day!

My name is Jules and I live in the Leighton Buzzard area of South-East England.  My interests are wide ranging to the extreme!  From Science & Technology, Gadgets & Gizmos, Art & Crafts, Knitting, Crochet, Pumpkin carving, Photography, I write the odd Haiku and other poems!  Also Conventions, Music, Movies & TV, Books, Blogs, YouTube, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, the list goes on and on… I’ll also often manage to link up any and all of the above in one idea or sentence – therefore making it difficult for anyone to really follow my train of thought.

By day I am a Technical Writer, Web Content Designer, I have also been a Life Cycle Assessment Practitioner, Environmental Scientist and will always be a Businesswoman/person.  I have a degree in Human Physiology (with a study-abroad year in Oklahoma, USA), I also studied Environmental Science, and I have an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from the University of Hertfordshire.  I also have a background tinkering with computers; hardware, software, maintenance, database design, websites.. I basically self teach any and all skills to get me by.

Oh, and I’m the Queen of assembling IKEA flat-pack furniture!

Wonder Woman Knitted Jumper
I knitted this Wonder Woman Jumper

By night (and at weekends) I like to be more artsy – working on knitting or crochet projects, and other crafts. And books, and movies, I LOVE movies.  I’m a big advocate of horror (but most of my friends aren’t, so I have to watch alone!), and I’m loving the current crop of superhero movies, that are now more popular than ever.  If I can, I also like to attend a convention or two..

In Fandom terms I’m a Fannibal, Browncoat, Hiddlestoner, Cumbercollective, Kaniac, and Spoonie…!  If you know what that all means, then you’re already in the club…

Welcome to my world, enjoy your stay.  Be excellent to one another!

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Please drop me a message if you have any comments. Or find me on all the social media platforms as @crownjulesb

Thanks for visiting!

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