Hamlet Barbican: Benedict Cumberbatch. #HamletBarbican #Review. Both simple, and intricate. Beautiful and tragic.


Coriolanus: Politics and politicians have been two-faced and back-stabbing for millennia, it seems.

2014 was a great year for Movies and TV.  I got the chance to make a dent in my “To Read” pile, visited an exhibition or two, and I got to see Frankenstein NT Live Encore Screening at my local theatre.  Most importantly, I made a proper attempt to blog more regularly here! Here’s a […]

CrownJules Concludes: 4.5 Stars out of 5 An enthralling journey of discovery, and heartbreak.  I just wish I could have seen it properly live the first time around.  And both versions! SPOILER THREAT: Heavy All Image Credits: National Theatre Live. Halloween 2014, should I stay in and watch horror movies whilst pretending not to be in and […]