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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (in Haiku verse)

Dancing Baby Groot.
Kill betentacled monster.
Drax claims victory.

My Dads a planet,
and somewhat nefarious.
Where is the big brain?

Sisterly Love/Hate
My spaceship trumps your huge gun.
Blame Thanos, not me.

No, sexual love…
Ahhh… HA ha ha ha!

Lets break out of here.
NO! Don’t push the death button.
Who cares? I AM GROOT.

I need my new fin.
I’m Mary Poppins Y’All!
You were my real Dad.


(Header image via James Gunn on Facebook)

Calm – Guided Meditation App Review

Do you get stressed out?  Over anything at all?  I certainly do!  It’s clearly part of who I am.  I am very pleased, therefore to have stumbled onto this app: Calm.  It’s a programme of guided meditation, and so far for me it’s made a little bit of a difference to my life.  Even a little bit, can help a lot.

In the last few months, I’ve gone from the immediate “Jules-Smash!” reaction to “Jules-Take-A-Deep-Breath”.  That’s a big deal.

The best thing about this app, is that it’s focused on a universality of patience and acceptance of self.  There are no religious messages, therefore it’s suitable for everyone who wants to simply take a step back from the pressures of the world.

It’s available as an app for both Android and Apple.  Even their website has a demonstration of their programme on the homepage.  Go and try it out for yourself.  The short basic guided programmes are free, but you can also pay for an annual subscription which open up all of the other options.  I’ve recently gone for that, simply because I’ve exhausted the free stuff already!  And I’ve found it to be helpful.

Their homepage is at for information, or search for “Calm” on Google Play, or Apple App Store.  And find them @Calm on twitter.


BRE Buzz » The Green Guide to Specification: Past, Present & Future

via BRE Buzz » The Green Guide to Specification: Past, Present & Future.

In which I give a brief history of this publication, The Green Guide to Specification, and what’s happening in the future regarding the environmental assessment of construction materials, and green building.

There’s a lot in the pipeline.

BRE Buzz » What are EPD?

via BRE Buzz » What are EPD? What can they do for you?.

Click through for an article I wrote on the BRE Buzz site, regarding Environmental Assessment of products, using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the related European and International Standards EN 15804:2012, ISO 14025, etc.