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An Autumnal Haiku Poem

Read the latest poem of mine to have been published in Issue 6 of Scrittura Magazine, which you can find online for free here:

Scrittura Magazine – Issue 6, Winter 2016

My entry is entitled “Autumn”, it is an haiku poem, and can be found on page 35, but be sure to read all the brilliant submissions.

My entry is reproduced here:


Pumpkin spice latte
Arboreal colour change
Plan to hibernate

Harvest festival
Curing, pickling, preserving,
staples for winter

Central heating on
Go dig those warm jumpers out
Time to layer up

On and off weather
Piles of leaves, wellington boots
Rain, then sun, then wind…

Flocks of birds prepare
to escape the looming cold
warmer climes beckon

I could go to sleep.
Miss the winter, through to spring.
Curled up, safe and warm.


Header Image ©Julia Barnard 2016 All Rights Reserved


Revisit Halloween with a Haiku poem

Revisit Halloween with the haiku I submitted to Scrittura Magazine which was instead used on their twitter account, as the publication would come out a bit later than Halloween, and therefore was a bit out of season!  I am pleased that they liked it enough to give it a nice presentation…

Here’s the full text:

It’s that time of year
scary fashions in season,
and cobwebs are cool.

Veggies not just food!
Spiced pies and Jack-O-Lanterns
treats by candlelight

Dress up and go out,
or not, spooky movies work.
Your own atmosphere.

Knock on many doors.
Or pretend that you’re not in…
The sweets are all mine!

Witches and wizards,
skeletons crawling with bugs.
Insides are outsides!

No need to buy gifts.
Fun for all the family.
Better than Christmas!

The Spare Time Artist – Scrittura Magazine

The Spare Time Artist is the latest poem that I have written which has made it into Issue 2 of the new online literary magazine: Scrittura Magazine, Winter 2015.

Read Issue 2 Here

My previous poem “A British Summer” was also featured in Issue 1.  I seem to be one of a very small number of contributors who have been featured in both issues.  The magazine is full of excellent writing; hugely varied in styles, formats, and content.  Give it a few minutes of your time.

Maybe it will give you the inspiration to have a go yourself!  Get writing.  Be creative.


Scrittura Literary Magazine & My Haiku Poem “British Summer”

I recently heard about a brand new online literary magazine which has been started up by some fellow graduates of the University of Hertfordshire.  To show my support, and to have a go at getting some of my work out there in the big wide world, I submitted a new haiku poem: British Summer.  I was super excited to be told that I had been selected to be in Issue 1!

And it’s now LIVE!  Yay!  Read it here:

Scrittura Magazine, Issue 1, Autumn 2015

You can also follow their updates on tumblr,; and on twitter @Scrittura_Mag.

I’m on p56 – but be sure to read all of the other wonderful submissions.  There’s some hugely varied fare contained within this little publication.  From some deeply honest and personal poetry, to short stories.  Also a unicorn!  The accompanying artwork is gorgeous.  It’s beautiful on the outside, AND on the inside!

I can’t wait to see what people come up with for Issue 2.  Well done everyone who submitted their work, and if you didn’t get picked this time around, do keep trying.

Of course, we must give a round of applause to the three ladies behind this magazine: Valentina Terrinoni, Yasmin Rahman, and Catherine Roe.  From their hearts and hard work, to the world.

I’ll have to sit down and see if I can write something good enough to get picked up in future issues.. you never know.. looking at the standard of work, I’m going to have to up my game!  A little competition is good for getting you to think creatively.

Keep writing, everyone!

[Header Image used with permission from Scrittura Magazine 24th September 2015 – via twitter]

Blog (Re)Launch

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the new homepage for Crown Jules Rules dot Com!

I’ve been creating, reviewing and generally tapping away at the keyboard for a few months now, in earnest.  Originally I had thought that keeping the various topics separate in their own blogs/pages was a good idea, and it still sort-of is, but it was beginning to get too cumbersome to keep all the sites up to date and organised.

So, here is the brand new consolidated web page with all my book, movie, & TV reviews; crochet projects & patterns; my silly haiku poems; and science interests – all of which I plan to expand upon!

I’ve re-organised the menu at the top, to help you all navigate around.

Please do drop me a message or comment if you have any feedback, or just want to say “hi” – and please do point out any bugs or issues, should you find them!

Thanks for visiting!