“Dragon Scale Chunky Phone Cozy” #Free #Crochet #Pattern


More Baby #Crochet Projects (perhaps the last for a while!)

Crocodile Stitch Scarf/Neck Warmer #Crochet Project

Sunflower Motif using Crocodile Stitch Petals. Crocheted Outside-In.

Good News Everyone! Today my best buddy gave birth to her and her husband’s second child, a girl with the adorable name of Amelia-Rose. Aaw. In what is probably now going to become a tradition, I made some booties! This time in purple, so lizard booties have become frilly booties. And also, I made the […]

Now that Christmas is over, I won’t be ruining any surprises by sharing these pictures! My flat’s decorations were a little on the eccentric side…  When you’ve got a Halloween skeleton and very little storage, you make it (her) join in with the Christmas spirit by throwing tinsel and lights at her!  Some of my […]