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Stuck in the Middle. A Haiku Poem.

Nothing new to post

All projects are mid-construct

Also, I have wine!


Cable Owl Coffee Cozy Project

Here’s a nice pattern to practice doing cables. You end up with a cute little coffee cup cozy where the cables make little owls.

Use a few buttons and some spare yarn to add the eyes and beaks.

This pattern came from another blog “My Knitting Basket“.


Sherlock Wallpaper Cowl Knitting Project

This pattern came from “Professor-Fonz” on Ravelry: High-Functioning Cowl.

I’ve always loved the wallpaper design from the BBC TV Series “Sherlock”.  You can buy the wallpaper itself, but it’s pretty expensive!  This is a nice alternative to be able to create something to wear that has that same feeling.

This piece is knitted in the round using circular needles.  Towards the very end, I switched up to double-pointed needles as the number of stitches decreased.  In total, it took me 2 weeks or so, just working in the evenings and weekends.  Knitted in the fair-isle technique, which gave me plenty of time to practice getting my tension right.  The pattern suggests using cashmere yarn, however I just used regular double-knitting yarn.  The final item is probably slightly larger than the pattern describes, but I think it’s perfect!


Seasonal Affectations

The days are still short
daylight remains elusive
yet we soldier on

The simplest of tasks
take more effort than normal
fatigue gets you down

Need a pick-me-up
artificial stimulants
backfires later on

Stuck inside all day
it’s dark before you leave work
can’t wait for spring time

Perseverance will
get us through the other side
slowly, but surely

Wonder Woman Jumper Knitting Project

Wonder Woman is awesome!  Why wouldn’t you want to be her?  She’s strong, independent, caring, and kicks ass!

This knitting pattern can be found for free on Ravelry by Natalie Bursztyn.

It took me about a month to complete, on evenings and weekends.  I actually did the entire back piece in one day!  Because I couldn’t put it down.  I did however do and undo the pattern across the bust probably about 3 times, just to get it right.  And I was experimenting with the techniques to do the colourwork.

The technique is not specified within the pattern, so you have to do what you feel is best.  I used the intarsia method for the larger blocks of pattern at the cuffs, bottom hem, and stars.  The bust pattern I ended up using the fairisle technique, as it left fewer holes and the tension could be kept more constant.

For my very first attempt at making a whole jumper/sweater – it’s not bad!  I’ll get tidier with practice.

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