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Circular Cardigan Crochet Project

Adapted by using the Moonlight Mist – Drops Design free crochet pattern.  The main differences that I have made, is by choosing to make it half-sleeved, and by slightly changing the finishing around the edges.. I had limited yarn, and wanted to make a complete item without having to change colours or buy yet more yarn!

I made this cardigan from the Rowan Lima Alpaca yarn, rather than the Drops yarn as specified, simply because it was what I already had.  At one point, I had to undo and redo a large proportion of the cardigan, as I made it too big.  That’s one of the pitfalls you can stumble upon when you don’t use the yarn defined within the pattern!  Despite the open weave, it’s quite a warm item, and comfy too.

I had to make a couple of adjustments to the pattern, firstly due to rapidly running out of yarn (I was weighing the remaining ball of wool after every row to ensure I had enough for even-length arms!), and for the final edging row (where I missed out the penultimate row).  One thing to note regarding this pattern, is that the increase at each round of the main body is a multiple of 3 stitches, but the shell pattern is alternating; i.e. a multiple of 2.  So unless you happen to have a number of stitches after each increase that happens to both be a multiple of 2 AND 3, then you’re always going to end each row with two of the same clusters next to each other… if that makes sense!


I’ve yet to add one or two buttons to the finished cardigan.  I’m still deciding on their placement!  Excuse the slightly blurry pictures.. my hand started shaking!


Skull Shawl or Scarf Crochet Project

This scarf is such a pretty (deceptive) design.  Looks just like a typical lace pattern, until you look closely and notice the skulls!

The pattern was one that I purchased from Ravelry by Molli Woodtagger (Kopf-tuch) and I believe there are both English and German translations of the pattern.

The yarn that I used was some that I have had sitting around for years, but had yet to find the right pattern to make it look good!  I finally found it.  I should have probably used a bigger crochet hook (I used 3.5mm) but the yarn was very fine, although strong, and I liked the pattern as it developed by using a tighter stitch because you could see the defined skulls more clearly.  Therefore what should probably be the size of a large-ish shawl has ended up being a triangular scarf as it’s probably about a third of the size that it should be!  But I like it as a scarf, I can probably wear it with more things, as it’s a smaller item.

Overall, it’s a pretty piece, and my version is quite shiny thanks to the metallic threads.


Pixel Skull Tunisian Crochet Technique Test

I’ve previously tested out the C2C (corner to corner) crochet technique by using a pixel skull graphic.  Here I’m using the same pattern to test out a newer crochet technique: Tunisian crochet.

Tunisian crochet is slightly different, in that instead of working one stitch at a time, you  work a whole row of stitches, similar to knitting.  You pull up all the loops for one row, keeping them on the hook, and then at the end of the row you work backwards, working the loops off the hook until you’re left with one starting loop for the next row.  The end result looks a little similar to a knitted fabric, but like crochet it’s FASTER to work up! Which is something I just love about crochet.  If you’re working a larger piece, there is a specialist crochet hook designed for Tunisian stitches; it’s much longer, and hooked at both ends – allowing you to put more stitches on the hook without them falling off the other end!

For smaller motifs, you can use a regular crochet hook – I put an elastic band on the end, to act as a stopper.

What do you think of my 2 variants, compared to the original C2C (blue)?

The Tunisian crochet stitch is taller than it is wide, therefore in order to get a square “pixel” shape you either need to do 4 stitches wide by 2 stitches tall to make a larger square, or 2 by 1 for the smaller variant.  As you can see from the pictures, the larger option gives you a square which is a bit bigger than the C2C test that I had originally done, and the smaller version is really small!  But quite cute!  In my opinion, the Tunisian stitch looks quite neat in terms of the colour changes.  It is however not really reversible, unlike the C2C technique, as the fabric has a definite “right” and “wrong” side.

Skinny Puff-Stitch Flower Scarf Crochet Project

I’ve made a couple of these scarves before for either myself, or presents.  The pattern came from a YouTube tutorial by Meladora’s Creations for Crochet if you want to try it out for yourself.

The original pattern was designed for a scarf with the width of three flowers, which I have made before, and I still use all the time in cold weather, as it’s comfy and warm.  However, just for some decoration, I thought that just having a single string of flowers that I can wrap around multiple times, will make a nice daytime/office alternative scarf.  In the end, I decided on a length of 40 flowers, making it pretty long!  So that I can either have it wrapped around once, with a long trail, or several times for warmth.  I started only by aiming for 30 flowers, but once I’d completed that, I felt like it needed just a little more length!

Here I used a variety of double-knitting weight yarn, mostly budget varieties from Hobbycraft!  And I used a 4.75 mm crochet hook.  There’s no strict rules in this pattern as to the best yarn weight and hook.  I just played about until I found the right combination to make the size that I liked best.

I always like to choose at least 5 colours, with slight variants of shades.  For the larger scarf with 3 rows of flowers I had 7 colours.  An odd number of shades gives a less-obvious repeating pattern in my opinion.  Sometimes I like to mix it up with some odd clashes, just to keep it interesting!  In this case, I went for shades of blue and purple, broken up with some grey.  I think the end result is quite effective.

My previous wider crochet scarf, compared with the new skinny scarf.

Getting back into the swing of things.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted anything original up here.  Properly anyway.  It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything (honest!).  Since Christmas I’ve been thinking about whether I should focus on a particular craft or theme.  But it appears my audience is quite diverse, and I shouldn’t completely stop any one particular activity.

Here are some goals that I would like to achieve over the next few months.. let’s say 6 months (to give myself a deadline):

  1. write a full crochet dress pattern.  I’ve had something in mind for ages, but I need to actually make something, and fit it to myself, before writing it all down.  And, of course, modifying it for larger/smaller sizing.
  2. Do a few more drawings/sketches/portraits.  Again, I’ve started some things, and have yet to finish.  I WILL!
  3. Finish reading those books that I have piled up – literally (in my front room by the sofa) and virtually (on my kindle).
  4. Chronicle my first attempt at Cosplay!  I plan to go to London Film and Comic Con in July – as Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  I also hope to make some of the costume myself – as I got a sewing machine for Christmas.  So there’s a project to get me started.
  5. I’ll continue to write the odd Haiku poem!  Maybe I’ll have to try and expand into iambic pentameter..
  6. …and I’d love to write a short story!  I really need to settle down and think of a decent plot though.. loads of disparate ideas, nothing cohesive (yet).

In the last month or so, I’ve also binge-watched several movies.. or have I been procrastinating?.. So if I can come up with a theme, perhaps I’ll do a longer review article.  These might be few and far between though.. we’ll see.

I also can’t believe it’s FEBRUARY 2016 already.  Where has the time gone?

Time to focus, methinks.