Star Wars Knitted Hat

I found a lovely pattern over at Ravelry for this Star Wars “The Force Awakens” hat.  I’ve not knitted in years, these days favouring my crochet!  But I thought I would give it a go and make one for my Dad for Christmas… and of course, one for myself!  Dad got a green one (not […]

More Baby #Crochet Projects (perhaps the last for a while!)

Daisy #crochet cloche hat

Spiral Cloche Hat Project: pretty children’s sun hat. Spring Flower Appliqué.

Here I present a couple of hat patterns that I have “reverse-engineered” from some photographs sourced from around the web; which were not accompanied by a workable pattern. The final patterns and measurements were derived through trial and error. All of the photos presented here (and related completed projects) are entirely my own work. The […]