Skull Crochet Scarf

Skull Shawl or Scarf Crochet Project

This scarf is such a pretty (deceptive) design.  Looks just like a typical lace pattern, until you look closely and notice the skulls!

The pattern was one that I purchased from Ravelry by Molli Woodtagger (Kopf-tuch) and I believe there are both English and German translations of the pattern.

The yarn that I used was some that I have had sitting around for years, but had yet to find the right pattern to make it look good!  I finally found it.  I should have probably used a bigger crochet hook (I used 3.5mm) but the yarn was very fine, although strong, and I liked the pattern as it developed by using a tighter stitch because you could see the defined skulls more clearly.  Therefore what should probably be the size of a large-ish shawl has ended up being a triangular scarf as it’s probably about a third of the size that it should be!  But I like it as a scarf, I can probably wear it with more things, as it’s a smaller item.

Overall, it’s a pretty piece, and my version is quite shiny thanks to the metallic threads.



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