Circular Crochet Cardigan

Circular Cardigan Crochet Project

Adapted by using the Moonlight Mist – Drops Design free crochet pattern.  The main differences that I have made, is by choosing to make it half-sleeved, and by slightly changing the finishing around the edges.. I had limited yarn, and wanted to make a complete item without having to change colours or buy yet more yarn!

I made this cardigan from the Rowan Lima Alpaca yarn, rather than the Drops yarn as specified, simply because it was what I already had.  At one point, I had to undo and redo a large proportion of the cardigan, as I made it too big.  That’s one of the pitfalls you can stumble upon when you don’t use the yarn defined within the pattern!  Despite the open weave, it’s quite a warm item, and comfy too.

I had to make a couple of adjustments to the pattern, firstly due to rapidly running out of yarn (I was weighing the remaining ball of wool after every row to ensure I had enough for even-length arms!), and for the final edging row (where I missed out the penultimate row).  One thing to note regarding this pattern, is that the increase at each round of the main body is a multiple of 3 stitches, but the shell pattern is alternating; i.e. a multiple of 2.  So unless you happen to have a number of stitches after each increase that happens to both be a multiple of 2 AND 3, then you’re always going to end each row with two of the same clusters next to each other… if that makes sense!


I’ve yet to add one or two buttons to the finished cardigan.  I’m still deciding on their placement!  Excuse the slightly blurry pictures.. my hand started shaking!


    1. That’s a good idea! I was thinking something similar, like a double broach clasp. Glad you like the fit, it’s beginning to drop a little lower at the back after a few wears, which is quite nice. The alpaca yarn is super soft too! x

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