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Wonder Woman Jumper Knitting Project

Wonder Woman is awesome!  Why wouldn’t you want to be her?  She’s strong, independent, caring, and kicks ass!

This knitting pattern can be found for free on Ravelry by Natalie Bursztyn.

It took me about a month to complete, on evenings and weekends.  I actually did the entire back piece in one day!  Because I couldn’t put it down.  I did however do and undo the pattern across the bust probably about 3 times, just to get it right.  And I was experimenting with the techniques to do the colourwork.

The technique is not specified within the pattern, so you have to do what you feel is best.  I used the intarsia method for the larger blocks of pattern at the cuffs, bottom hem, and stars.  The bust pattern I ended up using the fairisle technique, as it left fewer holes and the tension could be kept more constant.

For my very first attempt at making a whole jumper/sweater – it’s not bad!  I’ll get tidier with practice.

Click the images to enlarge.


London Film and Comic Con July 2016

This year at LFCC was my first ever foray into the world of Cosplay.  Which, I’ll be honest, had me quite nervous for about a week before the actual day.  I attended this year on Friday and Sunday (missing out Saturday), and I only went in costume on the Friday as I wanted to look different in the photo session on the Sunday (Because: Jeremy Renner!).

Originally there were going to be three of us in costume, but on the day I was the only one in full Star Wars Rey Cosplay, my other friends had some elements from the characters/genres only.  So on the train to the venue at Kensington Olympia, I was the one that people looked at funny!  And I’m normally so VERY shy…  Oh well.  Once at the venue, you blend with the crowd, which is much nicer.


See the full-size photos on Flickr

I have yet to properly integrate myself into the Cosplay community (see my earlier comment about shyness!), I’ve only really made a few posts in the UK Cosplay Facebook group in order to “test the water” so to speak; maybe next time I’ll feel more bold and join the groups when we’re face to face.  Those people I did speak to in passing were all really nice.  The occasional person also asked to take my photo and have a go with the light saber!  So a small, and mildly successful attempt at the cosplay scene in general.  I’ll have to kick it up a notch next time around!


See the full-size photos on Flickr

With a second keen interest in photography, it was a little difficult juggling the two things.. being in photos and trying to take some good ones myself.  I’ll have to prepare to do just one or the other on convention days, or just learn to juggle better!  So I’ve got some really good photos, and others not so great.  A selected few of my favourites are dotted throughout this post, some of cosplayers, some of the celebs.  You do feel a bit sneaky on occasion when you’re taking photos of the celebs that you’re not planning to get autographs from, but when you’ve got a strict budget to adhere to, you can’t get everyone on the day sadly.


Regarding the last picture above: on the 13th August 2016, sadly we said a final goodbye to Kenny Baker, our R2D2, and frequent guest to any and all conventions.  He clearly enjoyed interacting with the fans.  He will be missed.

See the full-size photos on Flickr

The first day at LFCC was mainly filled with wandering around all of the stalls and buying some bits and bobs of merchandise.  I’m more of a t-shirt buyer than action figures and the like!  I did get the chance to talk to the main guy at Dark Bunny Tees (www.darkbunnytees.com) who designed the “Rey’s Salvage” bag that finished off my costume (I think he was pleased!) and I got myself a lovely “Nelson & Murdock – Avocados at Law” t-shirt (yes, it’s supposed to say “avocados”! Daredevil inspired), which I then wore on Sunday.  On the Friday I also did manage to get autographs from Sean Maher (Simon Tam in Firefly, the best show in the ‘verse, #BrowncoatsForever), and Laurie Holden (Andrea in The Walking Dead, and Marita Covarrubias in The X-Files).  And I may have got a picture of me as Rey in the Delorean from Back to the Future!  Wrong universe, but hey, my light saber matched the neon on the side of the car!


See the full-size photos on Flickr

I wasn’t originally planning to attend more than one day of LFCC, but then they announced Jeremy Renner.. and well.. that decided that.

I was glad to go back for a second day, with a rest in between, as I was then able to get a couple of things from the big named guests.  I had already booked a photo session with Jeremy Renner, and that ended up being the last thing we did on Sunday, so we ended on quite a high!  He was lovely, and squeezes you *really* tight…  he’s rather strong!  I got autographs from Famke Janssen (James Bond: Goldeneye, X-Men, Hemlock Grove, etc.) and Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson in Daredevil, Pollux in The Hunger Games Mockingjay 1 & 2) – hence the “Nelson & Murdock” t-shirt!  Another of our favourites, Mads Mikkelsen, was also in attendance at the con; we already had his autograph from Starfury’s Red Dragon back in October, so rather than doing that again we went to his talk in the afternoon.  It was lovely getting to hear him speak again (he has a lovely voice!) and he was asked quite a well rounded set of questions about Hannibal, Star Wars Rogue One, and Doctor Strange.  For the most part though, he couldn’t really say too much about the films that have yet to be released.  Spoilers!


See the full-size photos on Flickr

All in all, I had a great time during the weekend.  I’ll definitely be more bold with the Cosplay again next time around.  I’ve already got some ideas for new costumes.  Winter Soldier, perhaps?  Captain Mal? Han Solo!?  Noticing my theme yet?

Last, but not least, take a look at my loot!


The next thing in my calendar is the Nine Worlds Geekfest, for which I’ll be a first-timer!  Got a few workshops and talks that I plan on attending.. a bit more academic this time maybe.  Just good plain fun.  Looking forward to it.

Rey Cosplay for LFCC – Progress


London Film and Comic Con Summer is coming up from 29th July 2016. I’ve been to a few cons before, but I’ve yet to attend in costume. This year I’m planning to go as Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’ll be going with my sister this year (I dragged her along once before.. and now it appears she’s got the bug!) and also another friend. Hopefully we’ll all be dressing up!

I’ve spent a lot of time just thinking about how to create my costume. I’ve managed to cobble together some of the accessories, so now I’m going to have to get on with creating the tunic top and trousers.

Here’s what I’ve pulled together so far:


Arms: Crepe bandages to wrap around my arms on the day, and I’ve made a leather cuff for the left wrist out of leather off-cuts purchased online. Just need to get a buckle to complete the cuff fastening.

Waist: Rey has two belts around her, one with a small bag attached to it.  I’ve found 2 brown leather belts, one a bit larger than the other, and I’ve punched several more holes in both of them to allow for different adjustments.  I’ll also wrap some leather cord around it in places to make it look more “salvaged”.  I found a great tie-in bag made by DarkBunnyTees, which has “Rey’s Salvage” emblazoned on the front!  It’s a bit bigger than the one in the film, but should come in handy at the con.  Now to decide whether to completely attach it at the waist, or to keep the shoulder strap (to hold the weight).  I’ve also made two additional leather straps which I’ve attached to both belts – this is going to be a makeshift light saber holster… so I don’t have to carry it around all day! The light saber itself is from the Disney Store, of course.

Clothing: So far I’ve just made the two sash-things that go across the body.  Took me a whole day just to cut and hem 2 strips of fabric!  I’ve added Velcro into the shoulders, and when I make/find the tunic top I’ll add the Velcro to the top of the shoulders to stop it falling off whilst walking around.  I’ll have to see if I need further Velcro strips to keep it in place at a later date.

Things still to do:

Find a wig or clip in hair extensions to create the 3-bun hairstyle.  I’m not growing my hair out.. it costs good money to keep it in style!

Work out what type of shoes/boots to wear.  Along with some material strips to wind around the legs.

Make the tunic top and trousers.  Still trying to locate the best pattern for these.  I may have to create one – but that’ll be an experiment! We’ll see.

So that’s where I’m at right now.  I’m currently going to London Film and Comic Con on the Friday 29th July.  I’m thinking I might possibly buy a Saturday ticket also.. as a couple of the guests that I want to meet won’t be there on the Friday.  Possibly, maybe.

In the mean time… May the force be with you!

Getting back into the swing of things.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted anything original up here.  Properly anyway.  It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything (honest!).  Since Christmas I’ve been thinking about whether I should focus on a particular craft or theme.  But it appears my audience is quite diverse, and I shouldn’t completely stop any one particular activity.

Here are some goals that I would like to achieve over the next few months.. let’s say 6 months (to give myself a deadline):

  1. write a full crochet dress pattern.  I’ve had something in mind for ages, but I need to actually make something, and fit it to myself, before writing it all down.  And, of course, modifying it for larger/smaller sizing.
  2. Do a few more drawings/sketches/portraits.  Again, I’ve started some things, and have yet to finish.  I WILL!
  3. Finish reading those books that I have piled up – literally (in my front room by the sofa) and virtually (on my kindle).
  4. Chronicle my first attempt at Cosplay!  I plan to go to London Film and Comic Con in July – as Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  I also hope to make some of the costume myself – as I got a sewing machine for Christmas.  So there’s a project to get me started.
  5. I’ll continue to write the odd Haiku poem!  Maybe I’ll have to try and expand into iambic pentameter..
  6. …and I’d love to write a short story!  I really need to settle down and think of a decent plot though.. loads of disparate ideas, nothing cohesive (yet).

In the last month or so, I’ve also binge-watched several movies.. or have I been procrastinating?.. So if I can come up with a theme, perhaps I’ll do a longer review article.  These might be few and far between though.. we’ll see.

I also can’t believe it’s FEBRUARY 2016 already.  Where has the time gone?

Time to focus, methinks.


Comic Con Withdrawal

I had so much fun;
it’s where I feel I belong.
These are my people.

Back in the real world.
Earning cash, and normal life
just does not suffice.

Now, I’m all consumed.
Make an awesome costume for
the next comic con

Hard earned money will
be spent on fabric and yarn.
It must be perfect!