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London Film and Comic Con 2018 – Event Report

The annual comic-con event took place in Kensington Olympia between the 27th and 29th July 2018.  I only attended on the Friday, the 27th July – which also happened to be my birthday!  It also meant that I missed out on most of the big name celebrity guest attendees this year; but for me (on a budget) it was unlikely I would have met them anyway!  I can’t often do more than one day at these cons, I have chronic pain, and other issues, and I simply don’t “bounce back” to normal after a day’s rest.  I’ve been suffering terribly for over a week, just from one day out.

I was accompanied this year by my good friend, and her brother and his girlfriend for whom it was their first ever con of this kind! Everyone seemed to have a good day out.  Lots of merchandise and artwork was purchased by all.

We didn’t anticipate it being particularly busy on the first day, and it still being a work day, but the convention floor was actually pretty busy.  A good turnout for the first day.

I only had a couple of people on my list to “get” this year, some were “need”, others were “nice to have”.  On the whole I got a couple of my nice-to-haves but I sadly didn’t get a look-in for one of my “needs”.  Oh well.

I had purchased online two photo tickets beforehand, one with Zachary Levi (Chuck, Thor movies) who was a late addition to the line up, and one with three of the cast from the hit 80’s British sit-com ‘Allo ‘Allo, Richard Gibson (Herr Flick of the Gestapo), Kim Hartman (Helga), and Guy Siner (Lt Gruber); and they were IN COSTUME!  It was so much fun, AND they had props (a knockwurst, and “the fallen Madonna with the big-boobies”!).  The photos were taken fairly late in the day though – and it was a hot day – so I’m looking a bit exhausted!

I got autographs from Zachary Levi, and from James Callis (Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, Eureka, etc.).  I may have mentioned that it was my birthday to Zach Levi, and he wrote “Happy birthday” on my autograph!  We spoke a little about his new movie coming soon called “SHAZAM!” which looks really fun.  James Callis was very sweet and was happy to take extra photos with people, so I got a brief hug and a nice pic to go with the autograph.  I only got the photo with the Allo Allo guests, but it was such fun to do.

I really needed to get Jewel Staite’s autograph for both my Firefly and Stargate Atlantis collections, but unfortunately my number never got called up so I completely missed out there.  I wasn’t a particularly high number, 291, but she was slow getting through any of her line – 3+ hours for the number to move up from 30 to 60 (that did most likely include gaps for photos and a Q&A panel).  It’s good that she was giving people a long-ish amount of time each, chatting etc., but that means that fewer people get through in a day.  Just before we left I checked what number she was up to – 180 – that’s very low, I’ve got through with a number well over no 800 before at previous cons.  Being told “she’ll be back tomorrow” was not so helpful when I can only attend for the one day!  And there was a sign up saying “no photos” at all – so I couldn’t even take a sneaky one just to say I’ve seen her!  I hope she’ll come again.  I’ll just book a photo op next time and won’t even bother with the autograph queue.

The rest of the day was spent wandering round all the stalls and merchandise.  I went on a little mission trying to find the exclusive “Reclining Dr Ian Malcolm” Funko Pop! from Jurassic Park… but they were all sold out (or they said they’d have more stock tomorrow… so not useful).  In the end I later found one on eBay (for only fractionally more than what they were selling for at the con).  There were also many displays put on by Showmasters (the organisers) of props and cars.  And as is tradition at all cons nowadays.. lots of cosplay!

A selection of my photos are below, the rest you can find on my London Film and Comic Con Flickr Album.

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As usual, upstairs (2nd floor) of the con played host to the YALC – Young Adult Literature Convention – which is normally a quiet respite from the rest of the con.  This year however it was so hot up there we didn’t last long!

Throughout the day, the warm weather made everyone hot and very tired.  Just as we were leaving at 6:30pm there was a big flash of lightning, and a loud clap of thunder – followed by a grand cheer from the entire convention attendees!  That made me laugh.  And of course, we got drenched walking back to the car!  But it was quite refreshing actually.

Another good, and tiring day out at a con.

For future dates and guest line up go to the London Film and Comic Con Website.