Magical Black Cat Knitted Jumper Design

My beloved cat Dennis passed away during our national lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic.  Craft has been therapy for so many people during these difficult months where we have been stuck indoors and separated from loved ones.

As a memorial to my cat and as an experiment, I designed and knitted a jumper with his face on it.

Dennis was a senior rescue cat, who I only had for his final 2 ½ years. He was approximately 16 years old, and Diabetic. Passed on 7th May 2020.

My Beloved Dennis. Diabetic Senior Rescue Cat. RIP


I began by choosing the photo which would give me the best options for blocks of colour.  Then by defining those blocks and transferring the image to a grid I was able to create a pixelated graphic.  I then placed this graphic on a blank jumper knitting pattern template that I had previously set up.  During the knitting process, I also adjusted the design where I needed to add increases, shaping, or design elements.


The basic jumper pattern is a simple knit, it is only the graphic cat face design which was a challenge!  I chose to blend the methods of Intarsia and Fair Isle to do the multiple colour changes and keep track of my MANY yarn ends.  For much of the graphic portion, I had to knit a row, put the work down and UNTANGLE all of the attached balls of yarn, before picking it up and continuing the work.

This jumper uses two strands of double knitting weight yarn throughout the entire piece, to give a warm and chunky feel.


I am super pleased with the final result.  I wear it often, and fondly remember my beautiful cat who I miss every day.

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If you like this pattern, I have written it up fully and made it available via my Ravelry store

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