Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter by Josh Gates

Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster HunterDestination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter by Josh Gates
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Josh Gates is my favourite TV documentary host. He and his team have spent over a decade, travelling the world searching for the answers to the world’s mysteries. Josh Gates is currently the host of “Expedition Unknown” on the Discovery Channel (and formerly the Travel Channel) where he investigates historical mysteries, myths and legends. From the legend of King Arthur, to hidden Nazi gold and treasures, pirates, and lost artifacts. First aired in 2015, Josh has been on countless expeditions, trekking into dangerous territory and interviewing experts in the fields of science, history, and archaeology. Josh tries to find the evidence which may point to the truths behind the tall tales. They have even had a few special investigations into such things as the Yeti in the Himalayas, and the possible existence of Extra-terrestrial life, and even the Afterlife.

Prior to Expedition Unknown, Josh hosted “Destination Truth” for SyFy (or the Sci-Fi Channel as it was called when the show first aired). On Destination Truth, Josh and his team attempted to track down Cryptids. That is – creatures and monsters from legend, and other paranormal entities such as ghosts and demons.

This book is written towards the end of the Destination Truth years, and recounts several of the most exciting, dangerous, frankly awful, yet always joyous journeys and investigations that the team have embarked upon. Written using the same tone that Josh uses within the show for his voice-overs, he tells these stories in greater detail, and gives you additional insight to how the show was made.

Josh describes his motivations to try his hand at a career that just keeps you travelling throughout the world and meeting the people and experiencing the landscapes. The opportunities that arrived in various guises in order to get a show like Destination Truth up and running. Not necessarily survival tips, but certainly descriptions of how they’ve all narrowly avoided death and injury! This is a book that I will pick up over and over again to re-read individual chapters. You don’t have to read this book in order, the cases and chapters are mostly self-contained. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging read.

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