Untouched by Robert J Crane (The Girl in the Box #2)

Untouched (The Girl in the Box, #2)Untouched by Robert J. Crane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The second of three in “The Girl in the Box” Series. Now that Sienna is aware of her abilities, she has to learn to stow her attitude and work with a team. A new threat emerges in the shape of Aleksandr Gavrikov, who has the power to basically explode like a nuke, and threatens a whole city. Sienna also struggles to understand why her mother disappeared and left her alone, and continues to search for her.

A fair continuation of the story. The tone remains very similar throughout this entire series, and Sienna herself only makes marginal progress in terms of character development and learning from her experiences. Still an interesting enough read to keep you going on a slow afternoon. A little bit of a cat and mouse game with this new threat.

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