Alone by Robert J Crane (The Girl in the Box #1)

Alone (The Girl in the Box, #1)Alone by Robert J. Crane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sienna Nealon was kept hidden from the world by her mother for her entire life. She had no contact with anyone or anything outside her house. Forced to train combat relentlessly with her mother, and being told that the outside world is unsafe for her. But when her mother doesn’t come home for weeks, and she starts to run out of food, then she has to make some decisions for herself.

To force her hand, there appears onto the scene a number of shady organisations out to either kill her or recruit her. Of course.

This is a fairly standard “Chosen One” type story. A girl is mistreated for her entire life “for her own good” and to “teach her a lesson”; which instead of being dealt with as the psychological trauma that it is, becomes nothing more than fuel to spur her on. Sienna manifests a number of superpowers, and has to work out whether the organisation (of similarly powered people) that has taken her in are the good guys or one of the bad guys. We are taken from one action set-piece to another, with only minimal character development taking place, most of which is teen-drama.

An enjoyable story, but not a particularly taxing one.

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