Soulless by Robert J Crane (The Girl in the Box #3)

Soulless (The Girl in the Box, #3)Soulless by Robert J. Crane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The last in this series. Sienna and her cohorts at the Directorate finally have an assignment that isn’t specifically for training. The investigation leads them across state borders as they pose as FBI. The criminal investigation of a “meta” on the loose, becomes more of a (SPOILER) family affair, and Sienna has to make her own choices regarding the relationships in her life. There is the added complication of the “Omega” organisation who are also out for their own nefarious goals.

As with the previous two in this series, it’s a fairly standard “whodunnit” story, with some teenage/young adult drama, and a supernatural angle whereby the main characters all have some sort of power. It’s pleasing enough for an afternoon’s distraction, but there are more gripping stories out there.

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