Lurk by Adam Vine

LurkLurk by Adam Vine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This would probably make a good horror movie, if treated right.
Drew is a college student living in a shared house with quite a reputation; the house, and its occupants, and the “legendary” parties that go on there.

Drew himself is a bit of a stereotype: overweight, addicted to video games, a stoner (along with his house-mates), frustrated, awkward with girls, in his 20s and still a virgin. He’s treated well by his friends for the most part, but his inner neuroses prevent him from truly feeling like they are his friends for honest reasons. When he finds a box of old photographs buried in the basement, he learns of the previous occupants of the student house from years past, and their exploits both past and present. But when those same photographs start showing him different images, weird things start to happen all around him. Is it just his imagination? Is there someone trying to send a message from the past, or from the other side, through the photos? Can he trust his friends with his secret?

Very much a psychological thriller/ghost story. At times you’re not sure whether or not the problem is in Drew’s head. Gripping and surprising throughout. A great read.

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