Dollhouse by Anya Allyn My rating: 2 of 5 stars Cassie has moved from the US to Australia. She goes out with her new friends for a hike, when Aisha goes missing. Aisha’s boyfriend Ethan is initially treated as a suspect, and when he runs away to the forest trying to find her, Cassie and […]

An engaging read. Blair Witch in Japan, but with less irritating characters!

This would probably make a good horror movie, if treated right.

Quite a disturbing novella. Not a fantastical horror story, but bullying and a hate crime.

Seriously dude. Don’t touch it.
Unless you’re like me and can’t help yourself!

Fade to Black by @RealTimMcBain & @ltvargus #Book #Review. Keeps you guessing. Almost surreal in places.

UK Pace Review – Broadcast on digital channel Watch The Strain: Wednesdays at 10pm [Header Image Source] WARNING this review contains SPOILERS. Synopsis Palmer is feeling much better.  He’s now up and about and visiting Abraham’s pawn shop.  He orders Fitzwilliam to pack up everything, including the wormy heart in a jar, but not the decapitated […]