John Dies at the End by David Wong

John Dies at the End
John Dies at the End by David Wong

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Spoiler alert. He doesn’t.
It’s very difficult to describe this book in typical terms. “Surreal” and “bat-shit crazy” spring to mind, both of which would be over-generalisations. A drug that forces itself upon you, a dose which you may or may not survive. If you do survive it, then you will be made aware of things which are already all around you, but that which you cannot see. You’ll be aware of the past and future as if it were the present. You’ll understand that you’re just an insignificant cog in the machinery of the universe, or several universes. Or that you’re the most important being in the universe. Or both..
Also there’s a gorilla riding on the back of a giant crab. Obviously.

Confused yet? You will be. And yet at the same time, it all makes perfect sense.
Seen the movie? The book is better. The book is always better. I’m not sure that you can successfully make a movie to properly visualise or encapsulate the plot of this book without cheapening it (and don’t get me wrong, they made a good attempt; after all the movie made me seek out the book -so, win).

So, put on your scooby glasses and open the ghost door to this book.
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