Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects
Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The crime which binds this story together, is in my opinion secondary to the psychological drama of the main character. It’s possible that I see it that way, seeing as I figured out “whodunnit” (and why) quite early on in the story! The thing that kept me going was wanting to find out if Camille could survive her family, and move on from her past. She doesn’t have the easiest time of it, forced back into the town where she grew up, and back to her old house, whilst she is trying to write up a story for her newspaper employer. With a long history of some pretty severe self-harm, not only does she have her own mind to battle with, but the revulsion of people in her life; close friends and family, the people who should be more accepting and understanding. Unfortunately for Camille, the only person she can ultimately rely on is her employer – and he’s only at the other end of a phone for 90% of the narrative.

As is quite evident from my description, this book tackles some very difficult subject matter. Told from the point of view of Camille, you are inside her mind, and have the opportunity to understand how a mind that is permanently in conflict with itself can manifest self-destructive behaviour. It’s a constant battle just to get through a single day. It’s a heartbreaking story for Camille, and her story remains unresolved. Maybe she can put her past behind her, but considering her emotional condition has left physical scars, she’ll always have that as a reminder.

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