MCM Comic Con London – Saturday 23 May 2015

Just the one day at a convention this time around.  This was my first time to the MCM Comic Con London.  I was expecting it to be busy, but it had the London ExCel Centre at capacity.  I also had a first-timer con buddy to introduce to the madness and fun of our little community..  I think he was a little overwhelmed!

Some absolutely brilliant cosplay was on show.  I just wish I could have taken more photos!  I spent a lot of time walking around the stalls and taking a look at all the wares for sale.  There were loads and loads of panels and talks in various stages and rooms.  So many options at clashing times!  I did, however, see a little of the Arrow panel.

It took half the morning just to get a ticket which then allowed you to get an autograph from one of the guests – which was a little inefficient, because the guest I wanted to see wasn’t busy at all during the morning session (because no one could get that far!) and by the time I got my ticket (2 hours later- 2 tills serving thousands of people!?) that session had just ended, so I had to join the mad huddle of the afternoon session.

But it was worth the wait, because the lovely Felicia Day was a joy to talk to.  I got a high-five for wearing my TableTop Season 3 supporter shirt – hooray for all the backers!  She was gushing to me about how they appreciate our support for the show, which confused me a little as I was busy trying to gush over meeting her…!  Still, I hear they’re working on bringing season FOUR to our (computer) screens in the future.  HOORAY!

I spotted a few recognisable faces walking around too.  Mostly they were some of the stars on their way to and from signings or photoshoots: Sylvester McCoy, also Shane Richie & Jessie Wallace from Eastenders were there!  Other times, it was just a famous face who happened to be attending just like the rest of us: Steven Moffat (Doctor Who & Sherlock) and his son Louis!

A selection of my best photos are shown below (click to zoom), and the full gallery can be found on Flickr:

MCM Comic Con London 2015 – crownjulesb on Flickr