Purple Velvet Cardigan Knitting Project

I originally planned to simply make this Shawl Collar Vest pattern by Jennifer Miller Comstock on Ravelry. As I was making the pattern, I knew that I wanted it to be a bit bigger particularly around the arms, because my shoulders are much bigger than what is usually allowed for in written patterns for women. I was also using a very chunky velvet yarn from Aldi (I love their yarn offers!) and because of the larger gauge the “vest” became considerably larger than the original.

Once I had created the body of the vest, and after buying a second pack of the yarn to complete all of the rounds, I decided to use up the extra wool by simply catching the stitches around the armholes and directly knitting arms on to the vest with a 1×1 rib stitch on a large circular needle.

The cardigan is knitted entirely on circular needles and with a clever way to make the square of the back become the foundation upon which the rest of the piece is completed in the round.

I did not do any decreases when knitting the simple arms.  Therefore, to cinch the wrists in a bit and to make it more comfortable to wear, I threaded a length of chain stitch around the wrist and tied in a bow.  This allows the wrist to be adjusted, or to create the desired shape.

This velvet yarn is so comfortable and warm, that I have been completely living in this cardigan ever since I finished it!  The very wide collar allows you to entirely wrap yourself up in it for warmth and comfort.