Dollhouse (Dark Carousel Book 1) by Anya Allyn

Dollhouse (Dark Carousel #1)Dollhouse by Anya Allyn

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Cassie has moved from the US to Australia. She goes out with her new friends for a hike, when Aisha goes missing. Aisha’s boyfriend Ethan is initially treated as a suspect, and when he runs away to the forest trying to find her, Cassie and their other friend Lacey insist on coming with him. Several other girls have gone missing in the past few years in this same forest; and Cassie, Ethan, and Lacey stumble into the same trap.

A curious underground carousel, behind which is some kind of twisted dimension, a “Dollhouse” where life-sized dolls and strange inhabitants treat those who fall into their grasp as their own playthings.

Written in the same type of language as a YA novel, this book contains a bit of a mystery, and some “mild peril”. There was little back-story to many of the characters, beyond their current states of mind, so it was not necessarily easy to get to know the protagonists. The threat posed to the inhabitants of the dollhouse did not feel particularly visceral, until that is, towards the ultimate conclusion of the book. No spoilers here.

This was an entertaining diversion for a few days at least.

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