Casting Shadows Everywhere by L.T. Vargus

Casting Shadows Everywhere
Casting Shadows Everywhere by L.T. Vargus

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Within the first chapter or two, I thought to myself “this is going to end badly”. I wasn’t far off. It’s a decent enough story of a young teenager who takes advice from the wrong person, and ultimately makes some very poor decisions of their own.

From the title of the book, it almost sounds like there should be some kind of supernatural spin on the situation. There isn’t. It’s a straight, human-centric story.

The story is told in the first-person through what appear to be diary entries, but with no dates. Despite the main character, Jake, being obviously a very impressionable youngster, it seemed a shame (and almost un-characteristically) that he went so off-the-rails towards the end. There wasn’t enough insight to his thought process (despite the entire book being thoughts in his head) to clue you in to which way he would go, which decisions he would make.

There was potential here, but we needed a few more twists and turns, some unexpected happenings. Perhaps a few more side characters would have increased our understanding of the main character through their interactions with them.

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