Return to Sender (2015)

Format Reviewed: Blu-Ray (my winnings from the Film4 Fright Fest website competition!)

CrownJules Concludes:

3.5 out of 5.  Lulls you into a false sense of security, before the pay-off.


Rosamund Pike provides a sterling performance as Miranda Wells, a woman who has been violently attacked in her own home and the subsequent repercussions that affect every part of her life.  Even before the attack, she was something of a germaphobe (Mysophobia – according to Wikipedia!), but afterwards, she’s both physically traumatised and emotionally damaged.  She wants to move on, but life itself is a stark reminder of what she’s lost.  She’s trapped living in the house where the crime was committed, because no one wants to buy it.  Miranda is then driven to try and contact the man who attacked her, by writing to him in prison.  The letters get returned, unopened.  But the last letter she writes, although it is still returned, comes with an indication that she has worn him down a little.  So she visits him.

Miranda slowly begins to create some order in the chaos of her life.  She even strikes up a sort-of friendship with “William” – her attacker.  She regains her relationship with her father, and even his dog (who she severely dislikes at the start of the film)…  Miranda appears to have made enormous progress, and is almost back to her old self.  But there’s something beneath the surface, a hidden agenda.  Things are not what they seem.

When William finally is released from prison, Miranda actually invites him to help rebuild her house porch.  To the dismay of her father.  Has she really forgiven him?  Why would she strike up this “friendship”?

Why indeed…