The Librarians and the Fun-Filled First Season

The Librarians First Season run has recently finished it’s 10 episode run on SyFy UK, just a few days after the US broadcast. Based on, and continuing, the adventures of the Librarian Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), from a trilogy of SyFy TV movies.

So, what’s it all about?

Magic is real!  And through the course of the two-part series opener a whole lot of magic has been released into the world, and someone has to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands… the wrong hands being the Serpent Brotherhood, headed up by the fiendish Dulaque (Matt Frewer), his hench-woman Lamia (Lesley-Ann Brandt), and other disposable lackeys along the way.

Flynn (unwittingly, and begrudgingly) recruits 3 new potential Librarians:  Jake Stone (Christian Kane), Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), Ezekiel Jones (John Kim); and a Guardian: Colonel Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijin).  When the Library itself is “lost”, or disconnected from the world, the team must work from an Annex to find a way to bring it back, amidst additional weekly cases.  Flynn himself is not always around to guide them, so they have to learn to work together and figure things out.

Colonel Baird is selected by the Library to be the Guardian after she runs into Flynn whilst on a mission with a counter-terrorism unit.  She has the extremely tricky task of keeping the new group of Librarians-in-training alive.

Cassandra is able to do science and mathematics very quickly in her head; she also experiences visual, auditory and sensory hallucinations. Her abilities are linked to the fact that she has an inoperable brain tumour (“yay” for abilities, “boo” for health issues).

Stone, prior to joining the Library, had been keeping his high IQ a secret from all his friends and family.  He has great knowledge and interest in art, sculpture, architecture, history, archaeology, pretty much everything.  He’s also rather handy in a bar fight – and who doesn’t like to see Christian Kane running around throwing a punch or two? Perhaps it’s just me! (*ahem*)

Ezekiel is the character you need around to do the breaking and entering.  He’s cheeky and snarky and at the same time manages to both aggravate and ameliorate a situation!

Season One Episode List:

  1. The Librarians and The Crown of King Arthur
  2. The Librarians and The Sword in the Stone
  3. The Librarians and the Horns of a Dilemma
  4. The Librarians and Santa’s Midnight Run
  5. The Librarians and the Applie of Discord
  6. The Librarians and the Fables of Doom
  7. The Librarians and the Rule of Three
  8. The Librarians and the Heart of Darkness
  9. The Librarians and the City of Light
  10. The Librarians and the Loom of Fate

CrownJules Concludes:

Personally, this show is filling a big Warehouse-13 shaped hole in my life – and although at first this show is reminiscent of the W13 format, it quickly progresses and grows into it’s own.  The best thing is that the stories of the week all work together to develop each character further, enriching the heart of the series.  This show doesn’t take itself too seriously: there is plenty of snappy dialogue and humour.  It’s a family-friendly show, with plenty that both the kids and adults will enjoy week on week.  If you haven’t managed to catch this show on it’s first run, check it out on your favourite on-demand service!

My favourite episode has to be “The Librarians and the Fables of Doom” (episode 6).   It kept me giggling throughout the whole show, and dared to mess with the existing character traits by merging them all with fairy tale personas… and with a surprising little twist at the end…


  1. Here’s hoping we get a second season of the Librarians. Damn good, fun show with some serious eye candy for all. Gimme #ChristianKane geeking it out with some sexy art history knowledge one minute, and kicking arse the next and I am a happy, happy woman! };D


  2. Fun witty smart wacky show for the whole family can enjoy together.. The Librarians is a must not miss show for me.. Love Christian Kane’s #JacobStone character the most!1


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