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The Librarians and the Fun-Filled First Season

The Librarians First Season run has recently finished it’s 10 episode run on SyFy UK, just a few days after the US broadcast. Based on, and continuing, the adventures of the Librarian Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), from a trilogy of SyFy TV movies.

So, what’s it all about?

Magic is real!  And through the course of the two-part series opener a whole lot of magic has been released into the world, and someone has to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands… the wrong hands being the Serpent Brotherhood, headed up by the fiendish Dulaque (Matt Frewer), his hench-woman Lamia (Lesley-Ann Brandt), and other disposable lackeys along the way.

Flynn (unwittingly, and begrudgingly) recruits 3 new potential Librarians:  Jake Stone (Christian Kane), Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), Ezekiel Jones (John Kim); and a Guardian: Colonel Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijin).  When the Library itself is “lost”, or disconnected from the world, the team must work from an Annex to find a way to bring it back, amidst additional weekly cases.  Flynn himself is not always around to guide them, so they have to learn to work together and figure things out.

Colonel Baird is selected by the Library to be the Guardian after she runs into Flynn whilst on a mission with a counter-terrorism unit.  She has the extremely tricky task of keeping the new group of Librarians-in-training alive.

Cassandra is able to do science and mathematics very quickly in her head; she also experiences visual, auditory and sensory hallucinations. Her abilities are linked to the fact that she has an inoperable brain tumour (“yay” for abilities, “boo” for health issues).

Stone, prior to joining the Library, had been keeping his high IQ a secret from all his friends and family.  He has great knowledge and interest in art, sculpture, architecture, history, archaeology, pretty much everything.  He’s also rather handy in a bar fight – and who doesn’t like to see Christian Kane running around throwing a punch or two? Perhaps it’s just me! (*ahem*)

Ezekiel is the character you need around to do the breaking and entering.  He’s cheeky and snarky and at the same time manages to both aggravate and ameliorate a situation!

Season One Episode List:

  1. The Librarians and The Crown of King Arthur
  2. The Librarians and The Sword in the Stone
  3. The Librarians and the Horns of a Dilemma
  4. The Librarians and Santa’s Midnight Run
  5. The Librarians and the Applie of Discord
  6. The Librarians and the Fables of Doom
  7. The Librarians and the Rule of Three
  8. The Librarians and the Heart of Darkness
  9. The Librarians and the City of Light
  10. The Librarians and the Loom of Fate

CrownJules Concludes:

Personally, this show is filling a big Warehouse-13 shaped hole in my life – and although at first this show is reminiscent of the W13 format, it quickly progresses and grows into it’s own.  The best thing is that the stories of the week all work together to develop each character further, enriching the heart of the series.  This show doesn’t take itself too seriously: there is plenty of snappy dialogue and humour.  It’s a family-friendly show, with plenty that both the kids and adults will enjoy week on week.  If you haven’t managed to catch this show on it’s first run, check it out on your favourite on-demand service!

My favourite episode has to be “The Librarians and the Fables of Doom” (episode 6).   It kept me giggling throughout the whole show, and dared to mess with the existing character traits by merging them all with fairy tale personas… and with a surprising little twist at the end…


The Strain: Season 1, Episode 13 – The Master


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The Strain: Wednesdays at 10pm
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WARNING this review contains SPOILERS.

Palmer is feeling much better.  He’s now up and about and visiting Abraham’s pawn shop.  He orders Fitzwilliam to pack up everything, including the wormy heart in a jar, but not the decapitated corpse of Mrs Martinez.  Eichorst appears.  Palmer might be healthier, but he’s not been fully turned.

Flashback.  Zack’s trying out his new bike.

Loud bangs bring Zack back to the present. Eph, Abraham and Vasily are discussing yet more plans to fight the vamps.  Zack comes in asking questions and Abraham answers them.  Eph would rather he had not been so forthcoming with information, and gets pissed off.

Gus is being held by one of the vampire army guys.  Somewhere “safe” underground.  He’s untied, and tries to attack, but is easily countered.

Back at Stoneheart, Palmer displays Mrs Abraham’s wormy heart alongside his own bottled replaced organs!  How sentimental.  All of a sudden Fitzwilliam declares that he’s no longer going to follow orders.  Now he disapproves!

Eph and Vasily discover that the theatre owned by Gabe, now designated one of The Master’s favourites, is likely to be a good place for a nest.  Vasily’s historical knowledge gets them in through a neighbouring building and secret tunnels from prohibition era.  They find the remnants of the coffin, which the vamps are putting back together, and a few of them sleeping in a pile.  So they head back out again.

Dutch is looking for a TV signal, but there isn’t one.  She’s busy getting drunk, and Eph is the one to pour out her bottle of booze – into a poor unsuspecting plant!  Nora is singing to herself on the roof.

The officials are planning to put the city under quarantine.  Took them long enough!  Palmer shows up at the door.  He and the secretary go outside on the balcony to speak privately.  Palmer chucks her over the side.  The other doctor, Eph’s former boss, is spared for now.

The whole gang, including Zack, are planning to go on the hunt.  Abraham gives Zack his own silver sword, and he gets a quick and dirty lesson on how to kill vamps.

The group get to the theatre together, Abraham gives a pep talk.  Vasily left some covers open on the sewer, these spots of sunlight are holding back the vamps for now.  He also brings out his stash of dynamite (which he grabbed when he visited home).  The explosion collapses the tunnel (that one at least), and the gang passes by the other direction.  The reach the centre of the theatre, Abraham hears The Master in his head.  They all go in and attack the oncoming hoard.  Dutch hesitates when she recognises one of them.  The whole battle stops while she speaks!  Then continues on.

Eichorst comes in taunting, Vasily grabs him whilst Dutch continues to shoot.  Abraham finds himself in a quieter location, but hears the voice of his wife in his head.  And then The Master is behind him.  Eph and Zack follow into the room.  They start to smash windows to let in the light.

Eichorst gets a few silver nails in the face!

Abraham goes in for the kill, but drops his blade.  Eph shoves The Master out a window and into daylight.  Eichorst and the other vamps seem to sense this and they all back off.  The Master takes his time sizzling in the sun, and then runs off down the side of the building, back into darkness.

The Master’s tolerance of the sunlight is news to Abraham.  They’re going to need to rethink how to fight him.  Abraham becomes the voice of negativity: “we’re lost”.

Gus is still aimlessly attacking his vampire captor.  They chat for a while about the box, and Gus’ need for revenge.  Then he runs off down a corridor.  In a dark yet open space he stumbles across some of the oldest vamps – attached to high chairs.  Captor vamp claims that an ancient truce has been broken and that they need a human to move about for them in the day.  The promise of a monetary award gets Gus’ attention.

Vasily suggests they regroup at his place.  Zack needs his asthma inhaler.  They stop off at his old house to pick up a spare.  Zack faked his asthma attack so that he could pick up some mementos.  They reminisce for a while, because there’s always time for that.  Mummy vamp appears at the back door.  Zack tries to run towards her, but Eph fires his gun.  Vamp Kelly runs off.  Eph reaches for the bottle.

Abraham’s voiceover epilogue is suitably dire.  The group drive off in the bread van, as parts of the city burn.

Unanswered questions

  • So, the vampire army have done bugger all throughout the whole series!  Couldn’t they have nipped this in the bud right at the start?  Clearly they saw it coming.

My Favourite Bit
Vasily’s convenient knowledge of the area, specific history, and stash of dynamite helps move the plot along.

Overall Rating
Empty Star_76Empty Star_76Empty Star_762 out of 5 stars

It took me a while to watch this last episode, as I had lost a bit of momentum with this story.  I’ll be honest here.  I’ve never really connected with any of the characters, so it’s difficult to care whether they live or die.  The scientists haven’t done any science, the old hunter has failed to kill the monster he’s been hunting for 70 years, the hacker screwed up the system but can’t fix it, and the government officials are slow to react to a crisis, or are just plain corrupt.  The rich guy wanted to get turned, and still failed at that!  The vampire army could have had a much more prominent role; of all people they chose Gus as their helper right at the end – I don’t see why, so far all he’s done is drive a van!  We were introduced to the characters as being mostly intelligent people, but evidence suggests that they managed to get to their job status purely by luck, not through skills.

The only characters which I thought had any brains, were Vasily the exterminator, and Zack the kid; who managed to survive being left alone to babysit a mentally ill old lady.

Throughout this whole first season, I’ve been waiting for it to properly get going.  All of the storylines were disjointed, and each episode progressed so very slowly.  The series started out by putting dates and times on screen, so you knew that only a few hours had passed.  Throughout the rest of the episodes they stopped doing that, so we’re left unsure whether it’s a few days or a few weeks that have passed since the aeroplane arrived carrying The Master cargo.  Either way, it’s taken 13 weeks to tell that story which might have made a great 2 hour monster movie.

I may, or may not follow this story in season 2..

The Strain: Season 1, Episode 12 – Last Rites


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The Strain: Wednesdays at 10pm
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WARNING this review contains SPOILERS.

Eldritch Palmer is not at all well.  Eichorst taunts him.  Palmer thinks The Master will come and save him, especially after all the work he put in getting him here.  Eichorst isn’t so sure.

The gang get back to the pawn shop.  Zack seems fine that they’re late, and he had extra responsibilities to attend to whilst they were out.  Mrs Martinez just looks pissed off.  Abraham goes back downstairs into his “lair” and uncovers his “wife” – or what’s left of her.

Flashback: Albania 1967.  A man (Abraham) is trying to buy a horse to take him to Castle Dricht, or the ruins of.  The locals aren’t particularly interested.  They may, or may not, have already heard about the well-dressed German gentleman asking similar questions.  In the end, he pays over the odds for the horse.  Abraham gets back to his house, where his wife Miriam is waiting for him.  He looks to be in his 40s at this point, but Miriam looks like she’s 25!  However, Miriam has a leg brace and a crutch to help her walk.  She asks him to be careful when he goes to the castle.  He promises that he will, and that they will settle down and adopt (?) children when they are safe.

Back to the present.  Abraham is caressing the jar containing the remains of Miriam, lost in thought.  Nora brings him a drink.  She spots the heart in a jar and starts to ask questions.  Abraham gets angry.

Gus accosts a previous associate in his car – your basic car-jacking.

Vasily is checking the maps.  Eph comments on Abraham’s reaction in the tunnels the previous night.  NOW he’s asking questions!  Dutch shows up at the shop; “Did you miss me?!”  She’s got a plan… or perhaps it’s a “win”.

Dutch can hack the emergency broadcast system, and wants to make Eph famous.

Gus is still driving about town with his hostage.

Abraham takes a nap.

Flashback.  Young(er) Abraham reaches the ruin of the Castle.  Random personal effects are strewn around.  He drops a rope down a (dry) well, and climbs in.  There’s a tiny crawl space.  Of course, he goes right on in.  His horse waits patiently up top.  Abraham finds a nest.  He’s about to start killing them, when they start to speak directly to him.  So he runs off.  Back through the tiny crawl space.  His rope is gone!  Eichorst taunts him from above.

Dutch and Vasily are on the roof.  Dutch is getting ready to hack into the emergency system.  Vasily tries some dead pan humour.  Dutch shares a little of her background.  Her pseudo-British accent is apparently due to a previous girlfriend, and a move across the pond.  Vasily enquires whether she’s interested in men or women.  She gives a suitably cryptic answer, so she’s presumably open to suggestions.

Mrs Martinez notices that Eph is preparing a speech.  It seems Nora used to be good at that.  Nora comes along and has a go at her mum for being out of bed!  But she doesn’t question where the menthol cigarettes came from?

Gus and his hostage get to where they were going.  Creem gives Gus his supply of guns.  Another car shows up.  They make a delivery.  Gus checks the bag once they’ve left.  It’s full of cash.  But Gus is interested in picking up what they paid for, as it’s clearly worth even more.

Dutch is pretty much ready to put Eph on screen.  Abraham starts to again explain his motivations.

Flashback.  Abraham is climbing out of the well.  Bare fingers on brickwork.  Somehow he kept hold of his cane!  His horse has been disembowelled.  He runs back to Miriam, but she’s gone.  Her leg brace is left behind.

The gang are ready to broadcast.  Eph is live and sending their message.  A vampire (Gabe, maybe?) attacks Mrs Martinez.  Others attack.  Eichorst arrives at the door of the shop.

Gus and Creem get to the container and open it.  There are vamps in there!  They shoot at both the vamps, and each other.  The good vamp army show up – AT LAST!  They grab Gus and drive off, leaving Creem to just stand and stare.

The vamps are trying to get into Abraham’s basement.  The gang barricade the door.  Vasily lays out an unconscious Mrs Martinez; Nora cries by her side.  NOW Nora will take up a sword, screams and kills her mom.

Flashback.  Abraham sits and broods in the dark.  Miriam appears at the front door, she’s a vampire and has two vampire children minions.  Abraham goes in for the kill.

Nora is crying.  Abraham takes the sword and cleans it.

Flashback.  Abraham is sad over the decapitated corpse of his wife.

Eichorst gets into the shop.  He talks at Abraham so that he can hear.  Abraham uncovers Miriam’s heart and looks at it.

Flashback.  Abraham is praying.  He asks forgiveness for what he is about to do.  He cuts out his wife’s wormy heart.

Abraham says goodbye to the heart in a jar.  They get out through the back.  Eichorst sees the heart.

Palmer is in his hospital bed.  The Master pays a visit.  He begs to be saved.  The Master feeds him a drop of his milky white blood.  Fitzwilliam comes up with a tray, Palmer isn’t in his bed.  He’s standing outside in the rain, laughing.

Unanswered Questions:

  •  So, what exactly is the motivation of the vampire army?
  • Did Abraham keep his wife’s heart just as a keepsake? After all that, he just left “her” behind?

My Favourite Bit:
Abraham’s backstory.  I think, personally, had the entire series been about Abraham and the vampires from the 1940’s onwards, chronologically, it might have been a bit more engaging.

Overall Rating:
Empty Star_76Empty Star_76Empty Star_762 out of 5 stars

Still this series seems to be all “middle”.  Presumably, had I read the books beforehand the whole premise may make more sense.  I would have thought that the creators would have included enough information to bring the newbies up to speed.  As above, I might have told a chronological story, instead of revealing bits and pieces in flashback.  I’ve said this before but, I see absolutely no reason why the main character(s) should belong to the CDC, and then subsequently have no science basis nor any search for a medical cure within the rest of the story.  Instead they simply trust Abraham and his fairy tale explanations.

The Strain: Season 1, Episode 11 – The Third Rail


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WARNING this review contains SPOILERS.

Zack plays at filming whilst Vasily is inventing new weapons to fight the vamps.  They test out a UV light bomb (*cough* Blade II *cough*).  It doesn’t work, they come up with another possible way for it to work, but they can’t test it without using up all their supplies.  Winging it on hope is apparently what Abraham has been doing for 60 years!

Nora’s mum is not coping well in a new environment, she’s confused and upset, and looking for an ashtray that broke several years ago.  Her mum continues to smoke by the window (smoking is bad, kids – don’t do it!).

Gus returns home after escaping the law.  His brother Crispin is watching football (or “soccer” if you like…) but no, he’s a vamp and Gus kills him with a baseball bat.

Eph talks as though what they’re doing by hunting The Master is linked to their work in the CDC, by “tracing the disease to its’ source”… (which is wrong, they’re more akin to the angry villagers running after the unknown with pitchforks… but OK, you justify it how you like).  Looks like “science” has been thrown out of the window.  Eph suggests that Nora stays behind, and she refuses.  So instead they leave the old lady with dementia alone with the 8 year old boy (*slow ironic clap*).

Mrs Martinez makes things very difficult for poor Zack.  She wants cigarettes. NEEDS cigarettes.  Is upset and still confused.

The world is ending: “well, let’s get looting” says the general population…

Gus is concerned for his mama.  He calls her at work, but her shift doesn’t start until later.  Turns out she’s on the floor of her bedroom cupboard, sheltering from the sun.

Mrs Martinez is shouting behind the locked gates of the pawn shop for help.  She’s getting more and more frantic.  Zack offers to go and get her some cigarettes (if this were a normal day, he wouldn’t be allowed to buy them at his age – and during the end of the world, he shouldn’t go out at all!!).

The gang go underground at the World Trade Center, tracking the strigoi (they keep switching terms… pick one!).  Wandering around in the dark, with a few UV strip lights and ineffective torches.  “Stay to the right – don’t touch the third rail”.  They find wallets and possessions in the tunnels.

Zack leaves the shop.

The gang continue to walk the tunnels.  There’s fluorescent goo all over the place.  They find a nest of vamps, but instead of killing them (which would alert The Master) they creep by.  Eph thinks he sees Kelly, but it’s not her.

Gus leaves his mother behind in the apartment.  He doesn’t kill her.  He runs into the old landlord on his way out – infected – and decapitates him for good measure.

Vasily is playing tour guide around the underground tunnels.  Eph hears a train, Vasily says it’s nothing.  A train goes by.  Eph and Vasily squabble like children – Abraham breaks them up.  Another vamp wanders through ahead of them, steps on the wrong rail… BZZZZZZZT! Dead!

Zack’s out finding cigarettes for Mrs Martinez.  Scavengers come in to the store, Zack hides in a store room, down a chute – but there’s a vamp down there.  He drops his phone, so goes down to get it – the vamp disappears – he climbs out.  He runs into the scavengers, who get killed by the vamp.  On Zack’s way out, he bumps into Gus, and grabs some packs of cigarettes (menthol).

The gang are still wandering about the tunnels.  More goo on the walls.  They reach a dead end.  There’s a small hole in the wall, and without a second thought they crawl right in.  Eph keeps a UV light ahead of him, and inches his way through.  The rest start to follow, as do the vamps.  Eph hears Kelly’s voice – and just runs off.

The others slowly get themselves through the tiny hole.  Vasily goes last, gets stuck, followed by a vamp (I would have put the UV lamp behind me, rather than in front!), but Nora pulls him out.  Eph and Abraham have gone off already.

Eph finds the coffin.  Kelly’s voice is still luring him along.  A group of vamps surround him, and The Master appears.  His weapons do nothing.  He gets talked at for a bit.  Abraham appears, they all hear some high-pitched feedback noise, Vasily chucks in the UV bomb which burns a few vamps, but The Master runs off.

Zack gets back to the shop, and gives Mrs Martinez her cigarettes.  Then goes to play with knives.  Bad habits all round.

The gang discuss their failure.  Abraham has a go at them all for being impulsive.  Then chops up the coffin with an axe.  Now it’s Abraham’s turn to be impulsive, chasing after The Master without another proper plan.  They stumble across a huge nest.  Abraham wants to rush through, the others stop him.  For now.

Unanswered questions

  • STILL no sign of the “good” monster army?  How many episodes is that now?
  • Where was this “plan” that Abraham had?  They didn’t have much of a strategy to start with.
  • Why are these “scientists” so stupid?

My Favourite Bit
Abraham destroys the coffin – they should have done that in the first place.

Overall Rating
Empty Star_76Empty Star_76Empty Star_762 out of 5 stars

Is it me, or is The Master not at all scary?  He’s pig-faced and funny-looking, but not scary.  The gang are stumbling their way through the plot, more by luck than judgement.  And poor Zack!  Why did they leave him alone and in charge of a child-like adult?  Bad parenting!

The Strain: Season 1, Episode 10 – Loved Ones


UK Pace Review – Broadcast on digital channel Watch
The Strain: Wednesdays at 10pm
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WARNING this review contains SPOILERS.

Zack searches through the tech lying around in the pawn shop. Finds a laptop, plugs it in and boots it up (then wanders around the place with the cable missing!).  Despite there being little or no internet, he manages to track Kelly’s phone via GPS.  The signal is moving, so Zack convinces Eph to go look for her.

Nora and her mum are drinking (hot) tea for breakfast.  Eph talks to Nora about finding Kelly.  Abraham hears and tells him to go, but to be prepared for the worst.

Vasily shares his findings from when he was tracking the rats.  He’s narrowed down the vamps’ location to the underground tunnels around the World Trade Center.  He knew where to find all the maps online, but that’s useless now – Dutch owns up to the group.  Maybe if she gets back into Palmer’s offices she should try and undo what she’s done.  Vasily suggests that he might be able to get her in with his City credentials.

Eph’s on the hunt for Kelly on the street.  He locates her phone in the possession of a homeless woman.  He gets aggressive, but things calm down when he says that he’s a doctor.  The homeless woman asks for help with a bad and infencted burn on her leg – Eph just so happens to have a bandage (and presumably other sterile equipment) somewhere on his person.  She takes him to where she found Kelly’s phone.  The phone was dropped next to Kelly’s car, in which Eph finds a bloody handkerchief.

32 HOURS EARLIER – An infected Matt sneaks up on Kelly in bed, then wanders into the bathroom.  Kelly wakes up and tries to call to him.  Kelly is at work teaching, but half of the kids and teachers are out sick.  School finishes early, and Kelly decides to take Eph’s advice and get out of town.  She arrives home, still trying to talk to Matt, who then appears and attacks her.  She whacks him with a blender – and ends up with a worm in her eye! Uh oh.  She runs off to the car, parks up and checks out her bloody eye.  Later on Kelly wakes up, still in the car, feeling very sick.  She gets out of the car, dropping her phone, and walks along the street.  She gets to Zack’s school, trying to take him away, but they’ve all gone home.  Kelly’s now wandering the streets.  She sees another infected vamp, but he ignores her.  She’s starting to move and behave like they do.  She hears people’s blood, and is only interested rather than scared, when she sees an attack.

BACK TO THE PRESENT – Vasily and Dutch head to Palmer’s office.  They chat and flirt on the way.  Vasily has to sweet talk his way into the building, Dutch doesn’t look impressed.  Getting out of a lift, they’re accosted by security.  Not such a covert entrance, then.  Palmer’s assistant Fitzwilliam takes Dutch in to see Palmer, while Vasily is stuck with the rest of the security team.

Eph is back at Kelly’s house looking for her again.

17 HOURS EARLIER – Diane is asleep on her couch back at home after bumping into Eph and Nora, when Kelly arrives.  Diane’s son comes down the stairs and Kelly attacks and drinks him.  Then also Diane.

BACK TO THE PRESENT – Dutch is on her way to meet Palmer, Fitzwilliam tells her how ill he is, and that he’ll kill her if she harms him.  Palmer brags at Dutch. She asks him if he’s a vampire, which he’s not.  He’s just (!) looking for the key to immortality.  She punches him in the face.  Fitzwilliam drags her out.

15 HOURS EARLIER – Kelly can hear the voice of The Master in her head.  She’s still wandering the streets, but also she can see or perceive the blood and circulatory systems of humans as they go by.  The Master says “come to me”… Kelly goes underground.  The Master shows up and tells her to “rejoice”.. hmm!

BACK TO THE PRESENT – Vasily and Dutch are being led to their “deaths”, except Fitzwilliam lets them go.  Despite appearances, he’s not quite on Palmer’s side.  Vasily suggests they join up, but he’s not interested.

Eph arrives at Diane’s looking for Kelly, it’s night now, he’s been to 3 places and it’s taken him all day!  In the basement he finds vampire Diane and son.  He shoots Diane straight away, hesitates for the son, but kills him anyway.  Dead Diane is holding onto a necklace – probably Kelly’s as Eph bursts into tears.  He goes back to the pawn shop, as do Vasily and Dutch.  No luck for any of them, then.  They trade snarky comments instead.  Dutch gets pissed off and threatens to leave, Vasily tries to make her stay, but she heads out.  Zack asks if Eph found his mum, which of course he didn’t.  Zack uses Kelly’s phone to look at old pictures, and we see an old birthday video in flashback.

Unanswered questions

  • STILL No sign of the “good” monster army this episode
  • The human authorities are non-existent, what’s the point of them at all?

My Favourite Bit
I’m struggling to find one this episode – no one actually achieved anything this week!

Overall Rating
Empty Star_76Empty Star_76Empty Star_76Empty Star_761 out of 5 stars

Not much actually happened this episode.  Nobody succeeded in doing anything useful, no one achieved what they set out to do.  The only relevant plot point revealed was the fact that Fitzwilliam isn’t necessarily on Palmer’s side, but that hasn’t become useful yet either.  Having Kelly’s whereabouts told in flashback wasn’t a particularly useful device – maybe if she were not infected right away – it feels like her fate is sealed already.  But they’ll probably find a cure before the end and save her; but don’t ask me how, without any kind of lab, or anyone doing anything remotely scientific!  What’s the point of having a main character who’s CDC, and not have him demonstrate any skill or knowledge in fighting disease?  We were supposed to feel sorry for the death of Diane and her son, but they weren’t the most developed of characters, so their deaths didn’t carry the emotional weight that perhaps they should have had.  At this point, I’m rooting for the vampires and a few more unpleasant and gory deaths!  The humans are useless.