Halloween Craftiness

I do enjoy the creativity that comes with holidays, particularly Halloween. Maybe it’s my love of all things horror-related; movies, books, macabre art, ghost trains, the darkness…

For the last few years I’ve discovered that you can do much more with a pumpkin than your usual triangular eyes and pointy teeth. Much, much more! In fact, you can make quite detailed reproductions of faces or scenes.

Here is last years’ effort – LOKI – the Marvel movie version, as brought to life by Tom Hiddleston:

LOKI Pumpkin - 2013
LOKI Pumpkin – 2013

SO! Lets see what I can do with this years’ blank “canvas”!

2014 - Before!
2014 – Before!

I certainly have an idea.  I’ll give you a clue: “This is my design”.


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