Crochet Flower Purse Project

I’ve made two of these purses now (or handbags for us British!).  The first one I made for a family member as an engagement present and was in simple greys and white.  I decided that I also wanted one for myself!  So a few months back I made a start.  This time I added a splash of colour by choosing some tones of green and teal.

If you’re looking to make something similar yourself, the tutorial I used was one from that wondrous resource YouTube!  The channel and video is available at Meladora’s Creations for Crochet.  She also provides a link to the written pattern.

The first step is to create the rectangle of flower motifs, with options for small, medium and large – add in extra motifs as required.   Then you have to fill in the gaps between the flowers to finish off the square of fabric that you later pull together to make the bag shape.  This is a small bag 7×5 motifs, and took me a good 7 days (evenings) to complete.

Flower Pattern, before filling in all the gaps and loops.
Flower Pattern, and the gaps and loops between filled in with my 4th colour option.

Because you have to weave your motifs together as you crochet, you need to cut the length of yarn before starting each individual one.  In order to find the correct length, I make up one flower on it’s own, and then leave a tail of yarn – then UNDO the whole thing and use that length as your template for the rest.

The next part of the procedure is to make the handles.  This is done by crocheting around the edges of the rectangle, and the shape will come together on it’s own.

Handles finished.  All it needs now is a proper lining before you can actually use it - or things will fall out!
Handles finished. All it needs now is a proper lining before you can actually use it – or things will fall out!

Lastly, you have to sew a lining because the pattern leaves an open weave.  You have to keep all your valuables safe!  You can also sew on a button a crochet a loop on top for extra security.

The colours on my photos don’t really do it justice!  The green and teal don’t clash in real life – the camera flash added it’s own dimension of tone to the images.

It’s such a pretty design, I’m excited to put it into use every day now!



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