Blog (Re)Launch

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the new homepage for Crown Jules Rules dot Com!

I’ve been creating, reviewing and generally tapping away at the keyboard for a few months now, in earnest.  Originally I had thought that keeping the various topics separate in their own blogs/pages was a good idea, and it still sort-of is, but it was beginning to get too cumbersome to keep all the sites up to date and organised.

So, here is the brand new consolidated web page with all my book, movie, & TV reviews; crochet projects & patterns; my silly haiku poems; and science interests – all of which I plan to expand upon!

I’ve re-organised the menu at the top, to help you all navigate around.

Please do drop me a message or comment if you have any feedback, or just want to say “hi” – and please do point out any bugs or issues, should you find them!

Thanks for visiting!


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