The Guild (#2): Knights of Good by Felicia Day

The Guild: Knights of Good (The Guild, #2)The Guild: Knights of Good by Felicia Day

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Book 2 from The Guild series gives us introductions to each of the Knights of Good. Their home life in stark contrast to their in-Game life. But also shows the similarities between life and fantasy – there are quests in the real world as well as those in The Game. You just don’t get XP (experience points) in real life.. shame!

We learn how “Vork” became so prudent with money, and resources, and attached to routine – and family.

We (almost) learn about the real life of “Tink” through the stories she tells her Guild mates, but not really.

“Bladezz” puts on an air of confidence and strength, which is less present in his home life.

“Clara” devotes more time to The Game than her home, husband, and children. That’s probably not going to change…

And finally, “Zaboo” is trying to escape. To escape his life and his mother. And really needs to learn some real-life social skills.

It’s always a joy to delve into this world of Gamers and personalities. Felicia Day has such a specific voice in her writing, you can feel her enthusiasm for this project oozing off the page.

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