Talon Julie Kagawa

Talon by Julie Kagawa

TalonTalon by Julie Kagawa

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As YA fiction, this was an OK book. Very teen oriented. Less Fantasy, more Angsty!
Ember and Dante are twins, they’re Dragons, but they’re disguised as humans (and can transform back to their true forms). They’re still young, and are training to assimilate and infiltrate the human world undetected. The rules of the Dragon species and government – Talon – are so strict that their training and ultimate placement within the system is unknown to them until they are ready to fulfil their purpose. The structure is supposedly for self-preservation, and the survival of their species. If a dragon disobeys, or leaves Talon, they are the “Rogues”.

The Dragons are mercilessly hunted by the soldiers of the Order of St George (of course), who are as rigidly set to their purpose as those high up in the Talon order. A member of this militia is Garret, also only a teenager, sent to find the dragon hiding out.

In typical “two worlds collide” metaphor (with the rest of the human race there just as the landscape) Ember and Garret enter into a relationship, which heads to its inevitable conclusion when they eventually realise that they are on opposite sides.

There was only a little introduction into the politics and mechanics of the Talon and St George systems, this could benefit from greater world building and context. As the first in a series, it’s possible this is expanded upon later. Each chapter is told from the perspective of a particular character, so the story mostly unfolds through first-person narrative. As the characters are of similar age, and have similar motivations, their voices are not distinct enough to carry the reader through, without constantly checking the chapter heading to remind yourself who the current narrator is.

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