Mr Peanut Adam Ross

Mr. Peanut by Adam Ross

Mr. PeanutMr. Peanut by Adam Ross

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An odd one. I think I liked it, but it was so hard to read in places. By which I mean the subject matter was both infuriating and reflective of reality. Making me feel, I suppose, helpless.
That was probably the point..! Minor SPOILERS in the review below:

Mr Peanut is actually three different, but tangentially related, mysteries. The first is David Pepin, who is accused of killing his wife. He pleads innocent, despite spending a lot of time actually plotting her demise. The two investigators have their own strange and sordid histories, each relating to their marital strife. Hastroll’s wife refuses to leave her bed, possibly due to a form of depression, but refuses to explain her actions. Sheppard’s wife was herself murdered, and there remains a grey area of what actually happened that night.

Told in a non-linear fashion, this narrative is tricky to keep track of. The characters, both victims and perpetrators seem pretty unlike-able! If only people would actually talk straight with one another, the situations might have been easier – or avoided all together. The characters seem to get in a state because their respective other-halves can’t read their minds. Obviously. That old trope of “if you haven’t figured it out already, then I’m not going to tell you” attitude is useless in reality because it just gets you nowhere.

COMMUNICATION! Is very important in a relationship.. that includes friends, and marriage, and well most walks of life. Books do tend to teach you important lessons.  So maybe that was the point!

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