The Vagrant by Peter Newman

The Vagrant (The Vagrant, #1)The Vagrant by Peter Newman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read this book because of the intriguing main characters, and the fantasy setting. Stay with it because of the GOAT! That’s a farm animal with one hell of a survival instinct!

The Vagrant has no name, and he never speaks. His only purpose initially is to keep his ward alive, a young baby, hidden within his cloak. He has come into possession of a mystical sword, and it is this item which drags him into the plot of the novel, somewhat reluctantly. Since an invasion by an infectious entity (or two) from the underworld, the human inhabitants struggle to survive in this new reformed world. Many humans and creatures have become infected with mutations, or are mind-controlled by the entities as they spread their influence and corruption. The invasion is described in flashback passages whilst the current narrative continues.

I’ve not read pure fantasy in a while, and it took me some effort to conjure the setting, characters, and entities in my mind. These types of books are very good for exercising your visual memory and imagination. If you don’t have a particularly “visual-brain” then fantasy can be tricky to follow. I’ve certainly got to be in the right mindset to begin with, when starting one of these novels. But they’re usually worth the effort!

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