Safe House by Chris Ewan

Safe House
Safe House by Chris Ewan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Safe House is at first a missing person case which soon becomes much more complicated. Set on the Isle of Man, Rob Hale is a plumber who meets a mysterious pretty girl, Lena; takes her for a motorbike ride, crashes, and is subsequently abducted. Both the police and his family question whether Lena even existed in the first place, due to the fact that Rob suffered a head injury in the crash. With multiple groups of people trying to find Lena for their own agendas, it becomes more and more dangerous for Rob and Rebecca, a private investigator. Rob and his family are also still reeling from the recent tragic suicide of his sister, Laura. Is there more going on here than at first glance?

A compelling enough story with some interesting twists and turns. With such a large number of characters, not all were fleshed out perhaps in as much detail as they could have been. I would also have liked to have learned more about the British Intelligence angle and what there motives and actions were. What was primarily focused on was the more domestic, or personal, perspective from the character of Rob, and events unfolded with only as much detail as he discovered throughout. With only a few glimpses into the kidnapping/hostage situation that Lena found herself in, and how she handled herself in order to survive.

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