Mind Games by Carolyn Crane

Mind Games
Mind Games by Carolyn Crane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a pretty interesting premise. In this world, there are “normal” people, and “highcaps” i.e. someone with higher brain-capacity. Sometimes they are telekinetic, or have some sort of other psychic ability. Then, there are those people who exist somewhere in between, people with extreme neuroses who learn to channel their fear and/or issues into other people by manipulating their “energy dimension”.

Justine is a complete hypochondriac, and after a chance meeting with Packard, a highcap with a mission, she joins his team of “disillusionists” and learns to send her anxieties out to a particular target. By working together, this group of special people reform dangerous criminals so that they are effectively “rebooted” and go straight. However they’re working outside of the law, and using their issues in this way may not be completely beneficial after all.

The set up is good, the characters are intriguing. There are quite a number of characters however, and not all of them are developed in great detail, meaning I often forgot who was who out of the supporting characters, and what they were supposed to be able to do. The few central characters, Justine, Packard, and Shelby are all quite well rounded at least. This was a decent story, with plenty of intrigue and enough twists to cloud exactly which group were good or bad, or neither! With the quantity of neuroses on display, it may make you physically itch from time to time! And the will-they-won’t-they-maybe-maybe-not relationships kept me moving forwards in between and during the mystery elements. The resolution is slightly unexpected, which was nice, although the danger element seemed to fizzle out, rather than end on a bang.

I’m sure that’s because it’s setting up the next book in the series.

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