[Header Image Source: Christian Kane Panel Wizard World Saint Louis 05-23-2015 by Susan Rose, on Flickr]

EDIT: Here’s the direct link to Kane’s Kitchen on iTunes… You have been served!

You would think that Christian Kane would not have time to add another occupation to his busy schedule, but clearly you’d be wrong!  Already he’s an accomplished actor (known for SyFy’s The Librarians and TNT’s Leverage, plus many more movie and TV roles), and also a rockin’ Country Musician (check out the re-release of his album “The House Rules/Welcome To My House” on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, & other retailers – leave a review!).  His culinary skills were already known by his fans, or “Kaniacs”, thanks to both interviews and the occasional opportunity for Kane to show off on camera. Next, in a collaboration with his friend and colleague Dean Devlin (Producer and Writer of projects such as Independence Day, and Stargate) Christian is cooking up a storm in his new show Kane’s Kitchen – coming this summer to various VoD streaming services.

I’m intrigued to find out what “Purple Pizza” entails (episode 1) and what’s so “Badass” about his Brunch!  Keep an eye on the newly launched Kane’s Kitchen website for release dates.

Christian Kane in Vegas

Christian Kane in Vegas by Raven Underwood, on Flickr

In the mean time, check out some of Christian Kane’s previous and more recent work in lesser-known movies such as “Hide” and “50 to 1” – you won’t regret it!  And here’s the music video to “Let Me Go”, to whet your appetite:

Links, Refs & More Information:
Christian Kane on IMDb
Dean Devlin on IMDb
News OK – Article by Brandy McDonnell, 3rd June 2015


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  1. I have now seen a couple episodes of ‘Kane’s Kitchen’ & will watch the rest today. Christian Kane has so much love & passion for food, it’s fun watching him create new dishes. I can hardly wait for Season 2 😀


  2. Great one!

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  3. I’m not a meteorologist, but I predict severe flooding worldwide once #KanesKitchen premieres due to #Kaniacs salivating over all that yummy food… as well as the yummy chef! 😉

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  4. So looking forward to Kane’s Kitchen.. Christian Kane is such a multi talented man already with the singing and acting. and now cooking! that is hot! thanks for sharing!!

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