New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon
New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

That girl really needs to grow a pair of ovaries and learn to stand on her own two feet! My goodness, she’s far far too dependent on her boy obsession du-jour to actually have a personality of her own.

Edward was a total cowardly dick, just running off the second things got complicated! ..and somewhat wet behind the ears. Jacob’s character was fleshed out much more this time around, and became a bit more substantial – in terms of both character development and physical description (exactly how BIG does that boy grow in only a couple of months!? Each time he comes back into the story he’s described as getting even bigger!). But the werewolf threat was something of a non-event.

So, why are either of them fighting for or over Bella? I’m still not sure on this one!

There wasn’t much of a “big bad” in this book either. The threat by this Victoria was mostly unseen. The only time things got more action-oriented was the trip to Italy to save Edward – which was over in a flash.

Having said that, this wasn’t a bad book. It kept me entertained for a couple of days! As an easy to read piece of fluff, it does quite well. Obviously it’s aimed at the (slightly) younger reader, and as such can’t be too full of blood and guts.. it’s just me that sought that kind of thing out when I was younger!

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