Black Butterfly by Mark Gatiss

Black Butterfly (Lucifer Box, #3)Black Butterfly by Mark Gatiss

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A both amusing and fitting ending for our friend Lucifer Box. A few decades have transpired since the recounting of Lucifer’s last case. So many other cases and incidents are hinted at throughout the course of all three novels, that it feels as though we only ever scratch the surface of the escapades of our protagonist.

Several suspicious deaths of prominent and influential people, and the mysterious involvement of “le papillon noir”, or Black Butterfly, leads Lucifer once again into the field. He’s completely addicted to adventurous situations, both in his professional and personal life; only old age is beginning to get in the way. Until he discovers that his limitations are down to being only as old as you feel…

Mark Gatiss always delights with his colourful writing style. I very much enjoy his inventive character names, too many of which to recount, but just in this novel we have a gentleman with a stand-out name of “Kingdom Kum”! The fact that this book completes a trilogy that spans an enormous length of time, but only touching on three cases decades apart, leaves me wanting to know more. I’d love to read how Lucifer filled his time with other cases, and other personal encounters! I guess that’s the trick.. always leave them wanting more!

Format reviewed: Kindle ebook.

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