A doodled deer or stag, on a post-it.. of course..


Avengers: Age of Ultron #Review plus Hulkbuster sketch by Me!

Orchid – sketch

Grey Alien (Stargate SG-1’s “Thor”) #sketch

Here’s a quick sketch that I made from an old calendar of American wildlife. I kept it because it had some beautiful photos, and it was given to me by an old friend. I decided to try and do a speed drawing to see if I could capture the essence of the subject without getting […]

Here’s another oldie from my collection!  This Kingfisher was copied from a photo in an encyclopaedia (if I remember correctly). I’ve only ever seen a Kingfisher once before in the wild, they’re extremely timid, and very very tiny!  I only caught a flash of blue as we drove past a river, but there it was […]

I found some of my old sketches the other day. Here’s an example of a simple apple which I drew… must be more than 10 years ago! I’ll keep these around as a reminder that I need to do a little practice at least once a week! Sketch any old thing.. it doesn’t matter what. […]