a #haiku #poem


The days are still short
daylight remains elusive,
yet we soldier on.

Trees Shadows

Long, looming shadows. Impractical clothing days. Crisp, cold, but sunny. The darkness recedes; ice crystals shrink from the light. Energy transfers. What was once frozen, motionless, impervious. Is restored, set free. The clouds of my mind, hold me captive in winter. But this too shall pass. The warmth of the world, transfers to warmth of […]

Autumn Forest

Pumpkin spice latte
Arboreal colour change
Plan to hibernate

Halloween Haiku

Witches and wizards,
skeletons crawling with bugs.
Insides are outsides!

I blinked and missed it
relaxation space, and fun
where did the time go?

Oppressive sky. It’s
“a bit black over Bill’s mum’s”
whatever that means