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An Autumnal Haiku Poem

Read the latest poem of mine to have been published in Issue 6 of Scrittura Magazine, which you can find online for free here:

Scrittura Magazine – Issue 6, Winter 2016

My entry is entitled “Autumn”, it is an haiku poem, and can be found on page 35, but be sure to read all the brilliant submissions.

My entry is reproduced here:


Pumpkin spice latte
Arboreal colour change
Plan to hibernate

Harvest festival
Curing, pickling, preserving,
staples for winter

Central heating on
Go dig those warm jumpers out
Time to layer up

On and off weather
Piles of leaves, wellington boots
Rain, then sun, then wind…

Flocks of birds prepare
to escape the looming cold
warmer climes beckon

I could go to sleep.
Miss the winter, through to spring.
Curled up, safe and warm.


Header Image ©Julia Barnard 2016 All Rights Reserved


Revisit Halloween with a Haiku poem

Revisit Halloween with the haiku I submitted to Scrittura Magazine which was instead used on their twitter account, as the publication would come out a bit later than Halloween, and therefore was a bit out of season!  I am pleased that they liked it enough to give it a nice presentation…

Here’s the full text:

It’s that time of year
scary fashions in season,
and cobwebs are cool.

Veggies not just food!
Spiced pies and Jack-O-Lanterns
treats by candlelight

Dress up and go out,
or not, spooky movies work.
Your own atmosphere.

Knock on many doors.
Or pretend that you’re not in…
The sweets are all mine!

Witches and wizards,
skeletons crawling with bugs.
Insides are outsides!

No need to buy gifts.
Fun for all the family.
Better than Christmas!

I blinked and missed it. A Haiku poem

I blinked and missed it
relaxation space, and fun
where did the time go?

Instead of “me time”
work, and prep for visitors
cleaning, tidying

Made a “to do” list
need another holiday
just for item one

So, nothing has changed
return to “same old, same old”
was there any point?

Probably not.

Stormy Weather

Oppressive sky. It’s
“a bit black over Bill’s mum’s”
whatever that means

Expectations rise
Density of emotions
cloud the mind and heart

Trapped in a constant
struggle for supremacy
neither side retreats

That light bulb moment
suddenly illuminates

On the horizon
clarity, stability
beyond an arms length

Sound begins to fade
Has the world changed, or have I?
Forever altered

The Walking Dead Haiku Poem

(Because obviously there has to be a poem for this awesome show!)

Acorn beet cookies
Smiles hide the strongest of wills
Kill them where they stand

Guns or katana?
Stray rounds will take out an eye
Wait! What? No! Caaar-ell!

Leather vest with wings
Motorcycle and crossbow
Hard man with a heart

Kill only to live
Build new civilisation
Barter, trade, with blood

Host and guests now chat
Spoiler warning! Hardwick: Go!
Questions. Feels! Fan love.